Editorial: More bizarre immorality moves

New York Magazine reported the story of an 18-year-old woman who has fallen in love with her father, whom she plans to marry and then have children.

The couple will move to New Jersey where such incestuous relationships are legal.

The woman grew up without knowing her father but connected with him when she was 17. After that first meeting, they had sex and then began dating. She “fell in love” with him. She understands she cannot legally marry him but to her, marriage is “just a piece of paper.”

Modern America isn’t shocked by this. As activist judges have destroyed the traditional and Biblical concept of marriage, what limits still exist?

Based on a Judeo-Christian ethic, incest, bestiality, rape, pedophilia, sodomy and polygamy were not only sinful but illegal.

There are stories of three men wanting to marry each other. Polygamists are ready to legalize their marriage to multiple wives. Pedophiles want to legalize sexual relations with consenting youth.

All this is spurred on by government officials with no moral compass plus a culture dominated by pornography racing into American living rooms by music, TV shows and the Internet.

If the culture said that two men can pretend to be man and wife and obtain a government-sanctioned license, how can it say no to any sexual deviancy?

This young woman in New York has been victimized by a culture that encourages hedonism and dissolution of the nuclear family. Her need for acceptance from her father is overriding her common sense and the laws of New York.

There is a right and wrong in this world. America is headed down a dangerous path toward immorality.