Editorial: More Downtown parking woes

Can the parking system in Downtown Tulsa get any worse?

Let’s hope not.

In September, American Parking disabled all of the individual parking meters at the Civic Center lot and instituted a new system.  Instead of conveniently paying for parking at the individual meter where your vehicle is parked, now anyone who visits the Tulsa County Courthouse or the Tulsa Police Building has to find a center meter station.

Then you have to put in money or a credit card to receive a slip of paper and then walk back to your vehicle to post that paper on the driver’s side of your windshield.

You can almost count on long lines at that station. This inconvenience factor is through the roof. But city officials don’t really care. They see parking as a cash cow more than a way for citizens to take care of necessary business.

This new system is so confusing and time consuming, it is certain to generate more parking tickets downtown. Instead of paying a dollar for a hour at meter, countless Tulsans will wind up paying $30 or $40 or more for parking tickets – not to mention a possible trip to municipal court.

The irony here is that the mayor and city councilors bend over backwards to invest taxpayer dollars in private companies to build up Downtown and to attract Tulsans.

And they can’t stop finding ways to penalize visitors to Downtown. Tulsa is not New York City. It should be simple and inexpensive to park when you go to the Civic Center.