Editorial: More fake news in Oklahoma

Even though Oklahoma is predominately conservative, the mainstream media – including the liberal Tulsa World, the TV stations and most radio stations – jump at the chance to criticize common-sense situations.

Oklahoma is having a state budget shortfall. State Rep. Mike Ritze, R-Broken Arrow, said one way to relieve the financial pressure from publicly funded schools is to see if all of their students are in this country legally.

It’s called obeying the rule of law.

It’s a fact that there are students enrolled in public schools all over the state who are not in this country legally.

Should we pay for the education (and other social services) for people who are not citizens and have entered illegally?

“Identify them and then turn them over to ICE to see if they truly are citizens,” Ritze told an Oklahoma City TV station.

That set off a media firestorm.

Democrats and their minions in the media blasted Ritze for even suggesting that any illegal aliens suffer scrutiny from federal immigration officials.

The Oklahoma City newspaper found some spineless Republicans in the Legislature who feigned shock when told of Ritze’s comment.

The media, which support judicial activism at every turn, pointed out that in 1982, the liberal U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Plyer v. Doe that states cannot deny access to public schools by children who are illegal aliens. But that ruling doesn’t preclude that a student here illegally can’t be deported.

And all that Ritze suggested was that students whose legality is questioned be investigated and that officials follow the laws already on the books.

Just like President Trump, Dr. Ritze just wants Oklahoma to follow the law. He is not against legal immigration (he has supported Christian missionary efforts for decades) and he is not a “racist.”

The solution here is to ignore the fake news by Oklahoma’s liberal media and to obey the laws.