More gambling coming to Tulsa

April 4, 2013

Oklahoma has a proud heritage and a big part of that are the Native American tribes.

That noble history is being tarnished now as the tribes continue to promote legalized gambling with more and bigger casinos.

Muscogee (Creek) Nation gaming officials plan to expand their casino on the Arkansas River in Tulsa with a new 22-story hotel. To go with the increased gambling, the tribe is partnering with Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville brand – which is closely association with unbridled drinking.

Of course, chamber officials and tribal leaders brag about how many jobs (1,800 construction jobs and 800 new permanent jobs) the $250 million project will create. They won’t say how much entertainment income the expanded casino will siphon off the families in Northeastern Oklahoma.

The chamber and tribes are sending this message to the young people of Oklahoma – get something for nothing. Gamble your lives away. Only a sucker would work hard when you can slip into a casino and make a fortune.

The local media is reaping the benefits of casino advertising and won’t tell the story of the lives ruined by gambling.

The Christian community (and it is significant) within the tribes needs to stand up and say it is time to stop making profits off the backs of people who stupidly gamble away all or part of their paychecks every week.

Why not devote that $250 million to a legitimate business that builds a product or a service, one that will offer good paying jobs instead of low-skill casino work? The tribes have proved they can run successful non-gambling ventures.

Oklahoma is investing in the wrong enterprises and the casinos (and the state lottery) are the biggest culprits.