More government not the answer

January 24, 2013

Tulsa police have no idea who tied up and killed the four women at Fairmont Terrace apartments near 61st Street and Peoria Avenue.

It is a crime that has all of Tulsa upset.

Mayor Dewey Bartlett thinks the solution to these problems is more government and more regulations.

Bartlett wants owners of multifamily residential rental properties to be licensed by the city so that city inspectors can make sure they are properly maintained. If a business doesn’t match up to these requirements, they could be shut down immediately, according to Bartlett’s proposal. Bartlett wants to shut down apartment complexes that don’t match up to his standards.

And he wants more control over rental owners who live outside Tulsa.

But Bartlett isn’t fixing the problem. The site of the murders was not in bad repair. A madman or more wanted to dispatch these women and he chose a high-crime area to fulfill his mission.

If Bartlett gets his way, he and his inspectors can shut down poor apartment complexes but where will those apartment dwellers go? How will displacing poor people from apartments diminish violent crime?

Just because someone is poor doesn’t mean they are a criminal. And Tulsa already has laws on the books about improper maintenance of property.

This apartment complex is less than two miles from a major police station. Criminals must feel fairly safe to operate so close to one of the three satellite police stations. Maybe the mayor should put more police patrols in that area to halt crime instead of apartment inspectors.

The solution should fit the problem. Over-regulation is not the answer to this multiple homicide.