More gun control is not the answer

The Gun Control advocates are at it again, continuing to push their agenda to erode our Second Amendment rights with every tragic mass-shooting that occurs in our country.

We are all deeply saddened when there is even one life lost in these deeply troubling events. But we must not allow our emotions to override our reasoning when we attempt to understand where this violence comes from, while developing policy decisions to confront it.

We’ve all heard the saying that “guns don’t kill people . . . people kill people.” The adage is as true today as it was yesterday. Guns, as we all should know, are inanimate objects just like a “pool or an automobile.”  Swimming pool drownings are the leading cause of injury related deaths for children under 5 and second for children under 15.

Along those lines, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) state that almost 36,000 people die in vehicle-related accidents every year. However, as a society, we would think it foolish to try to ban pools or cars.  Guns have never been the problem. Statistics tell us 90 percent of parents who have had a child die in a drowning end up divorcing. Surely by using the gun controller’s logic, closing down all swimming pools would help our divorce rate? I only use this type of idiocy to make a point.

Barack Obama made a recent statement after the Oregon shootings that “prayer won’t stop gun violence – only legislation will.” With all due respect, maybe our president needs to read his Bible and understand how powerful and effective fervent-and-effectual prayer is. You can’t miss it – it is all throughout the book. Also he should stop at Jeremiah 17:9 and find out where this violence comes from: “the deceitful and desperately wicked hearts of men.”

Cain didn’t have access to a firearm in the days of Genesis, but there sure were more than enough rocks lying around to kill his brother Abel if he needed one.

Gun violence in the United States, in terms of murders and crime, is down 49 percent since 1993 (cut in half).

Folks, you are never going to stop a criminal from getting a gun through theft or the black market. If someone hasn’t committed a felony or has been decreed in court to be mentally incompetent, they can still obtain a firearm. People just aren’t being reasonable or rational in the discussion.

You know what would help? Be tougher on gun crime. Or how about this: stop allowing this “culture of fame” that these “suicidal crazy shooters” desire and that our media so generously promotes?  Hey, here is another idea, stop making our schools (where are precious loved ones are) “gun-free zones.” Our children, security personnel, and even military recruiters should have the right to defend themselves instead of being put in a “shooting gallery.”

Some people don’t understand we need to deal with the root cause of the violence, which starts in the hearts of men (mental health comes from a good conscience). Maybe it’s time to spend some time together as families on our knees, instead of in front of violent media or video games.

Just a thought – Mr. President and all you activists who want to do away with one of our most fundamental freedoms and protection against tyranny – remember the Second Amendment.