Editorial: More liberal judicial decisions

The liberal Oklahoma Supreme Court has overturned another law designed to discourage abortion.

Senate Bill 642 by Sen. Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, and Rep. Randy Grau, required abortionists to preserve a sample of the dead unborn baby when the mother was younger than age 14. One of the reasons was to provide evidence when an abortion followed a rape.

It passed the Oklahoma House by a vote of 70 to 5 and passed 40-5 in the Senate and was signed by Gov. Mary Fallin. It was co-authored by Rep. Mike Ritze, R-Broken Arrow (a physician); Sen. Dan Newberry, R-Tulsa; Sen. Ralph Shorty, R-Oklahoma City; and Sen. Ron Sharp, R-Oklahoma City.

But once again, the Supreme Court showed how completely out of touch they are with the public’s disdain for abortion and eliminated a law on a questionable technicality.

It’s obvious that the justices are following a liberal, activist agenda. Some powerful businessmen in this state are pro-abortion and if they can’t kill pro-life bills in the Oklahoma Senate, they will kill them in the courts.

This has to stop.

It’s not just abortion laws. The Supreme Court has ruled against the Ten Commandments Monument, the Taxpayer Bill of Rights and has turned a blind eye to the federal court’s overreach in terms of legalized homosexual marriage.

Oklahomans only have one recourse and that is to vote no on November 8 to not retain the liberal justices.

Justice James Winchester and Justice Douglas Combs will be on the ballot. Typically, justices get about 60 percent of the vote for retention. Oklahoma has never not retained a Supreme Court justice.

That streak needs to end. A resounding no vote for Combs and Winchester would signal to every statewide appellate judge that they need to follow the Constitution and interpret the laws rather than creating new law.