Editorial: More liberal media hyperbole

On February 4, an editorial in the Los Angeles Times stated, “Putting Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA risks irreversible damage to the planet.”

According to the liberals at that newspaper, one person can damage the planet to the extent that it can never be repaired.


This is how crazy the left is when it comes to global warming. By the way, now most of their “scientists” have switched to climate change because the data doesn’t support significant, man-made global warming.

Global warming is a progressive scheme to redistribute wealth from the middle class of the United States to less productive nations of the world. Ex-President Obama wanted a “carbon tax” on American industry and homes to grow our federal government and to drag down our standard of living while supposedly elevating the living standards of those in Third World countries.

The global warming crowd seeks to scare Americans into changing our economy into a model that matches communism more than capitalism. In their minds, productive capitalism is what is wrong with the world.

Secularist humanists like the Los Angeles Times editorial board (and reporting staff) have had a field day with the EPA’s overreach for the past eight years. Common sense and verifiable science have been shoved back while extreme environmentalists practiced their hypocrisy to the hilt.

Scott Pruitt is the perfect person to redirect the EPA. As a constitutional scholar, he understands the correct relationship between the states and the federal government in a constitutional sense. And Pruitt also comprehends the balance between protecting the environment and producing affordable energy.

Having the Los Angeles Times claim you can change the planet is high praise and is even more reason for Pruitt’s appointment.