Editorial: More lies from President Clinton

At the Democrat National Convention, former President Bill Clinton painted a different picture of Mrs. Clinton as compared to her description at the Republican National Convention.

Bill Clinton tried to convince America that his wife was charming, fun-loving, hard-working, brilliant and the best hope for America for the next four years.

The Republican speakers pointed out her lack of achievement as Obama’s Secretary of State. Libya’s government collapsed on her watch and she did nothing to protect our ambassador, who was slaughtered by Islamic terrorists. She lied about the cause of that attack to the families of the victims.

Mrs. Clinton breached our national security by using a private email server. That drew criticism from the FBI but no indictment from Obama’s “Justice” Department.

The Republicans blasted her for railing against Wall Street while she took millions in speaking fees from Wall Street banks and investment firms. Her lack of transparency is evident because she will not release the text of those speeches.

And the GOP pointed out that the Clinton Family Foundation, dubbed the “Clinton ‘Crime’ Family Foundation” by radio broadcaster Rush Limbaugh, has received tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments (hostile to America) who are looking for influence in perhaps the next president.

Bill Clinton’s challenge was correct. You have to believe him and his wife or the Republicans. They have contrasting profiles.

While president, Bill Clinton lied and lied to the American people. On national television, he testified he did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky and he only admitted it after she produced a dress stained with his semen.

The Clintons are lying. The Republicans are telling the truth.