Editorial: More Obama homosexual policies

Barack Obama has only six more months to damage America’s moral stance, dismantle the military and make America seem weak to all the nations of the world.

His pace on changing the country is accelerating.

The latest mistake is ordering the military to allow personnel who are confused about their sexual identity to join.

This is outrageous.

It’s bad enough that Obama chooses to send women into front line combat. Women have served in the U.S. military from the beginning but this is unheard of. Now Obama wants a man who thinks he is a woman to be in a key position to protect this nation.

Imagine what would happen to a man dressed as a woman in a military uniform who is captured by terrorists.

Rush Limbaugh is right when he says that the two-fold purpose of the military is to “kill people and break things.” The military is no place for social engineering or sexual perversion.

Another sad aspect of this disintegration of the greatest military on the planet is the complicity of the military leaders. Many of the leaders who would battle against such lunacy have taken early retirement or have been booted out by Obama.

And young men and women who are considering enlisting are reconsidering because of the actions of the commander-in-chief and the moral slide of the military.

This is putting America in a dangerous spot.

Obama doesn’t want to offend Islamic terrorists by calling them “Islamic terrorists” yet he is making our military personnel bigger targets by adding homosexuals and “transgendered” soldiers.

Where is Congress? Where are the Republicans in the Senate? They could stop this onslaught but the GOP leadership is unwilling to spend political capital to do the right thing.

Obama can’t leave office fast enough.