Editorial: More school administrators?

Here is some good news and bad news from Tulsa Public Schools.

The good news is that some private donations have been given amounting to more than $350,000 to supplement staffing.

The bad news is that the money will be spent on administrators and not classroom teachers. And more bad news is the money will fund only three positions and therefore those high-dollar administrators will make more than $110,000.00 – almost three times the minimum salary for a classroom teacher.

Hiring new administrators – even when using private funding – means more paperwork for classrooms. They add new rules and that just detracts from the time spent teaching. Administrators have to invent procedures and host boring seminars to justify their high salaries.

And apparently those three new positions will include an “executive director of early childhood education” and a “director of community engagement” (translation: an expensive public relations minion).

Public school administrators are enamored with the Nanny State and they want control of children at least by age 3 even though studies show that putting children in public schools before kindergarten has minimal lasting benefit. It is just an effort to replace parents that bureaucrats deem unfit.

Some of the “philanthropic foundations” who waste money on early childhood education unabashedly want to grab ahold of children at birth. This is an insidious scheme disguised as progressivism.

Private donations to public schools should be encouraged. It’s just a shame that in this case, the money is going to grow the Tulsa Public School Administration instead of helping classroom teachers – who are doing the real heavy lifting.