Editorial: Motivation for excellent teachers

The best teacher is one who loves to teach and is genuinely interested in his or her students.

As some teachers move to Texas for more money, an interesting situation has developed. Some people who have vast experience in careers other than education but who have no teaching experience are jumping into teach.

These highly skilled and motivated people have college degrees but no traditional certification. They were not education majors in college but in the back of their minds, they thought they could be effective teachers.

And they are highly motivated to help young people.

Across the state, retirements and resignations have increased somewhat as the state struggles through a budget shortfall (even though common education didn’t receive any cuts in this budget). Many truly dedicated career educators are willing to stay in while they wait for better financial times.

By the way, teacher salaries are determined by local school boards based on the recommendation of superintendents and administrators and not by state lawmakers. If you want to complain about low pay, ask school board members why they overpay administrators and underpay classroom teachers.

Colleges and universities – especially community colleges like TCC – have long understood the value of adjunct professors – teachers who have great knowledge in certain practical subjects that they can ably pass on to students

The choice to become a teacher involves the foreknowledge that it is not a lucrative profession. But it is rewarding in terms of developing young people into educated adults.