Moving violations are being targeted

The Tulsa Police Department Riverside Division Traffic Unit will focus on posted speed violations and hazardous moving violations in active school zones (lights flashing) throughout South and West Tulsa (South of East 11th Street  and West of South Sheridan Rd.) during the month of September.

Riverside Division Traffic Unit Officers will be randomly monitoring all active school zones in the Riverside Division throughout the month.  A citation issued for speeding in a school zone requires a court appearance with a fine of up to $500 and/or up to 30 days in jail. No warnings will be issued.

Schools in the area recently returned to session from summer break and with summer conditions persisting in the area children will again be playing in and around schools, crossing streets and walking to and from area schools.

Due to the increased foot traffic in the area of local schools, police urge drivers to remain alert, refrain from using all electronic communication devices and heed all warning signs when approaching active school zones.  It is the goal of the Traffic Unit to increase the safety of school children going to and from their schools and to prevent collisions occurring in school zones, especially those involving vehicles and pedestrians.