Mr. Trump Is Right

The Sunday New York Times ran a front-page editorial about Donald Trump entitled, “95,000 Words Many of them ominous, from Trump’s Tongue.”

What the two writers had done was analyze “every public utterance by Mr. Trump over the past week from rallies, speeches, interviews and news conference to explore the leading candidates hold on the Republican electorate for the past five months.”

The transcriptions produced 95,000 words and powerful patterns that some historians say echo the “appeals of demagogues of the past century.”

The dark power of words has become the defining feature of Mr. Trump’s bid for the White House to a degree rarely seen in modern politics.

Does anyone think the country is on a positive course?

Actually, what we see today is a total lack of compromise on the part of the Obama administration and a Republican majority in the congress that cannot develop ideas of its own.  The establishment Republicans do not share with their voters outside Washington their dread about the sorry state of affairs.

How it seems to work is that when either political establishment is in power, they share the foreign trips, motorcades and power.  When one is out of power, they become lobbyists, bankers and association heads – earning millions of dollars. Either way it is a very satisfying life. So let’s keep it going.

The only Republican candidates who fully understand Americans frustration are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

As Mr. Trump says so often,  “something bad is happening” or “something really dangerous is going on.”  He is totally right.

What is troubling to Republicans and Reagan Democrats is the inability to offer any meager counter to the Obama agenda.  What we need to do is eliminate the word “cannot” from the Republican lexicon.

For the last seven years, the Republican establishment and its congressional leaders have said we cannot overturn Obamacare, we cannot defund Planned Parenthood, we cannot repeal Dodd Frank, we cannot secure the borders, we cannot beat ISIS, we cannot pass the Keystone Pipeline, we cannot improve education and reduce student debt, we cannot undo Obama’s executive orders, we cannot defeat Iran’s nuclear agreement, we cannot put 94 million Americans back to work, we cannot improve race relations, we cannot stop climate change, we cannot rein in the IRS and we cannot keep talking about Hillary’s e-mails and Benghazi.

America’s problems will not be solved by those who created them.  When Mr. Trump says someone is weak, they are.

As the New York Times wants you to think that Donald Trump is George Wallace or Joseph McCarthy, he is not.

These are dangerous times.  ISIS is not contained as Mr. Obama observed and terror did come to San Bernardino when the president said there was no credible evidence of an attack on the homeland.

At the time this column goes to print, a large number of federal law enforcement officials say we do not have a vetting program whereby we know who is getting in.  Those who died in San Bernardino would be alive today if we had.  How many more Americans will lose their lives before the system is fixed?  That is Mr. Obama’s responsibility which he seems to take no interest.