Editorial: Mulready, Bice and more booze

Does State Sen. Stephanie Bice own stock in a liquor store?

Does State Rep. Glen Mulready have trouble stocking his liquor cabinet?

Probably the answer to both is no.

But Bice, an Oklahoma City Republican, did the bidding of powerful retailers last year when she pushed the liberalization of Oklahoma’s liquor laws. She and Mulready, R-Tulsa, called the effort to pass State Question 792 “modernization of liquor laws.”


Now Bice and Mulready are teaming up for more “modernization efforts” by authoring Senate Bill 211, which if passed would pave the way for the 18 remaining dry counties in Oklahoma to legalize liquor by the drink. The bill also authorizes county votes on selling hard liquor on Sundays.

This is progress?

By the way, in 2015, Bice got campaign contributions from BDOPAC (Oklahoma owned beer wholesalers) and Central Liquor Company LLP. It’s not hard to draw conclusion about her motivation in pushing liquor sales in Oklahoma.

The issue here is not prohibition but the proliferation of the sale of alcohol.

Oklahoma has laws to restrict alcohol sales and consumption for the good of those who drink and for the public good. You can’t have an open container of booze in your car while you drive. You can’t drink too much and drive. You can’t give alcohol to a minor.

All of these efforts by Bice and Mulready trend toward more drunk driving, more alcohol consumption by minors and more alcoholism.

This is all so big retailers can sell more booze for big profits.

Thanks to lawmakers like these, Oklahoma is becoming known for booze, gambling and tattoo parlors.