Muslim immigration in America threatens our churches

It’s like we just can’t learn.  Fifty people murdered in Orlando by a Muslim this week, and yet our government wants to allow only Muslims to immigrate to the United States from Syria.

In a report by CNS News, 1,037 Syrian refugees were admitted into the United States.  Of that total amount, only two were Christians – the rest were Muslims.

Statistics for the previous months were no better.  Out of a total of 2,099 Syrian refuges allowed into our country since the beginning of the year, only 6 were Christians.   Since the war in Syria began in 2011, a total of 4,646 have been admitted, but only 60 were Christians.  And during the first six months of last year, 2,151 refugees were admitted into the US, but only 53 were Christians.

Some reports indicate that the reason Christians are being discriminated against is because the United Nations is being allowed to conduct the vetting process, and Syrian Christians are avoiding U.N. refugee camps because their lives are in danger because of the massive number of Muslims that target them.

A report in the Washington Times in November of last year stated that, “Less than 3 percent of the Syrian refugees admitted to the United States so far are Christian and 96 percent are Muslim, the result of a referral system that Republican Sen. Tom Cotton says ‘unintentionally discriminates’ against Christians.”

Cotton stated that “the United States’ reliance on the United Nations for referrals of Syrian refugees should also be re-evaluated.  That reliance unintentionally discriminates against Syrian Christians and other religious minorities who are reluctant to register as refugees with the United Nations for fear of political and sectarian retribution.”

Ironically, on June 9, Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul stated, “National security, I think, is the number one responsibility under the Constitution.  I would say we are in the highest threat environment I have seen since 9/11… Homeland security is really about a couple of things:  It is identifying the threats and keeping them outside of this country whether they be bad people or bad things – terrorists or potentially weapons of mass destruction…We need a secure border to stop potential terrorists from entering the nation.  We know that ISIS in Dabiq Magazine talked about taking a Pakistan nuclear weapon and smuggling it across the U.S. – Mexican border…”

Reports coming in about the shooter in Orlando indicate that he was a Muslim, and ISIS is taking credit for the attack.  Reports also indicate that he was motivated to attack the LGBT nightclub because of his hatred for gays, and as one commentator on Fox News said, ISIS is well-known for murdering gays by throwing them off of tall buildings.

What is evident from this attack is that as we allow increasing numbers of Muslims into the country, especially those from the Middle East, there is going to be an increasing likelihood of more attacks.  Obama’s comments about the attack was that it was a terrorist attack, but indicated that the answer was more gun control.

I have heard Obama on another occasion complain that we can’t keep guns out of the hands of terrorists, but on the other hand, it seems that he wants to bring as many Muslims as possible into our country.

Granted, not all Muslims are bad people, and many of them come here to escape violence and to gain freedom.  But a significant number of them are coming here with the intent of imposing Sharia law or to spread violence against non-Muslims, especially Christians, and so it makes no sense to be willfully bringing them to our country, and willfully leaving our borders porous so that they can come in undetected.

This should be a wake-up call to Christians in the United States, and especially to our churches.  The attack in Orlando was motivated specifically out of hatred for gays, but we can’t forget that they also hate Christians as much or more.  Most, or maybe by now all, of the churches in Syria and Iraq have been destroyed, and America is considered the “Great Satan” specifically because of our Judeo-Christian roots.

If not dealt with, and it is not likely that it will be under our current administration, it logically follows that churches in America will eventually come under attack.  The time has come in America for churches to become even more proactive in providing security in their buildings and at their gatherings.  The day is coming that a lot of us are going to be killed for our beliefs.  Let’s not make it as easy as it was for the Orlando killer.