My 16th Annual Sports Fan Letter to Santa Claus…

The following has become a tradition of this column, and this year we present my 16th Annual Sports Fan’s Letter to Santa Claus.

Dear Santa Claus,

It’s been a decent year in sports, and even the Rio Olympic Games went off without too much of a hitch, considering all the issues leading up to the Olympics that needed to be addressed – contaminated water, venues not ready and teams deciding to not show up.

Maybe now we can put “Deflategate” squarely behind us. However, I was hoping we would see a more modest and humble Tom Brady when he returned to the Patriots lineup, but that’s not the case. Please bring him a big dose of humility, equal to the amount displayed by Tony Romo at his recent press conference.

As you know, I’m a big Buffalo Bills fan, and I’ve asked several times in the past if you could bring the Bills a trip to the NFL playoffs, however, you haven’t made good on that request in the past 16 years. I know it would take a miracle of the Bills winning all their remaining games to make the playoffs, but maybe you can pull some strings. Also, you do realize, don’t you, that the Bills have not had a legitimate NFL-caliber starting quarterback since Doug Flutie. Tyrod Taylor is a great quarterback for the running game, he’s completed almost all his handoffs, but he can’t throw any better than my grandmother hyped up on Geritol. Please bring the Bills a real quarterback.

My second favorite NFL team has been the Dallas Cowboys, dating back to the days of Roger Staubach and Tom Landry, and it sure is nice to see “America’s Team” winning again and having great success with the young talent on that squad. Please Santa, give me a reason to care about the Super Bowl this year, and make it because the Cowboys are playing for their sixth championship.

Thank you for granting one of my requests a couple of years ago, bringing the Washington Nationals a new manager in the form of Dusty Baker. Now, could you please give the Nationals a trip to the World Series and a World Series title? The franchise formerly known as the Montreal Expos sure does deserve to not only have great success, but also reward their fans with a championship.

For the Oklahoma City Thunder, I ask that you bring the team a long, deep run in the playoffs and a chance to beat Golden State in the Western Conference Finals, and then the NBA Championship. It would even be a bit of icing on the proverbial gingerbread house if you could give Russell Westbrook the NBA Finals MVP Award.

K.D. who?

As we look forward to the college football bowl games, please bring the Tulsa Golden Hurricane a victory over Central Michigan in the Miami Beach Bowl, the OSU Cowboys a win over Colorado in the Alamo Bowl, and the OU Sooners a win over Auburn in the Sugar Bowl.

For the ORU men’s basketball team, bring them talent. They have a lot of young players on the team and are struggling to find a leader on the floor. Give the ORU fans a bit of patience to deal with the growing pangs of a young team.

Please bring the Tulsa Oilers a playoff berth this season. They came just one point shy of missing the ECHL playoffs last season; that hurt. Their fans deserve to raise a championship banner at the BOK Center. It’s been 23 years since their last title, and that was the first season of the old Central Hockey League.

For the Tulsa Drillers, I wish the Los Angeles Dodgers the wherewithal to load their local Double-A franchise with great talent in 2017, and keep the players in the Drillers lineup long enough for the team to not only make the playoffs, but also win a Teas League title. The Drillers haven’t won a championship since 1998, and that’s way too long.

Finally, dearest Santa, please bring peace and reconciliation to the divide caused by the election campaign this year. Help us to not fight over who won the election or who lost, but pull together as Americans and hope for improvements in our country for all of us – regardless of social standing, income or heritage. Please bring us the ability to be competitive on the field of play, and as fans cheering on our teams from the stands or while watching them on television, but help us put our political differences aside. If you’re a Cardinals fan, it’s okay to hate the Cubs, but love the Cubs fan.

I conclude, as I do each year, by asking that you bring peace and safety to our military members celebrating the holidays on the seas and the battlefields, away from their families. They deserve to experience the true joy of Christmas, even though they may be taking shelter in a bunker or sweeping for mines along a roadside. Give them the reassurance of knowing their sacrifice isn’t going unnoticed, and that we are all praying for their safe return home.

Sincerely, your friend,

Jeff Brucculeri