Editorial: NBA pushes homosexual agenda

The National Basketball Association has canceled plans to have its 2017 all-star game in North Carolina because a new law that prohibits men dressed as women to go into women’s restrooms.

That’s right. The self-righteous NBA, which financially props ups the WNBA, is indignant because conservative, Christian legislators in North Carolina have responded to the will of the people of North Carolina and given legal protection to women who use public facilities.

President Obama started this fire when he sent out instructions to the nation’s public schools advising that any school that didn’t accommodate homosexual, cross dressers or transvestites in their restrooms or locker rooms would face losing federal funds.

A host of states, including Oklahoma, went to work to make sure that Obama’s immoral edict would not go into effect and that funding would not be cut. North Carolina took the lead and now it is being punished by Obama and his socialist buddies.

Pro-homosexual ESPN is fueling the fire, too.

Duke basketball coach Mike Krzysewski called the bill “embarrassing.” North Carolina State football coach Mark Gottfried said he was “appalled” by the bill. Gottfried said it will hurt “recruiting.” North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams doesn’t like the new law, either.

The liberals are so worked up that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order banning publicly funded, nonessential travel to North Carolina. As a result, Albany University cancelled a basketball game with Duke.

The bill states that you must use the bathroom that aligns with the sex you were born with. It is impossible to change your sex, even though the Homosexual Agenda says otherwise.

Take a trip to North Carolina and spend a lot of money. It’s a great state. Let’s hope they don’t back down on this issue despite pressure from the NBA and ESPN.