New book by John K. Harris, Ph.D.

Local author, John K. Harris, Ph.D, has written a new book, The Grow and Protect Investment Strategy.

Harris, a retired accounting professor from The University of Tulsa, was a certified public accountant for 30 years.

After years of historically based stock market research, in The Grow and Protect Strategy, Harris adds the perspective of his 19-year spiritual journey as a Christian.

His writing style is to make books with a technical bent more understandable to most readers.

The first part of the book deals with the classis “buy and hold” strategy while part two deals with “grow and protect” strategies.

Perhaps the best part of the book is part three in which Harris details his life-changing spiritual experience. He became a Christian on July 5, 1987, and his book offers a Christian perspective on handling money. In 1997, he took a disability retirement from TU at age 55 due to a vision problem.

“The knowledge imparted in this book can help you manage your wealth with confidence,” said Srikant Datar, professor and senior associate dean of Harvard Business School. “An uncommon feature of the book is the moving spiritual account Dr. Harris gives of his life during 1997-2016.”

The book is available on