New plans for teacher evaluations?

The Oklahoma State Board of Education approved four options that will give public school districts tools to measure student growth when evaluating teacher performance.

On Teacher Leader Effectiveness (TLE) performance analysis, districts may use benchmark assessments to evaluate progress between pre-tests and post-tests given within the same school year. Districts will have the authority to decide which assessments to use.

The second one lets districts choose from a list of  tools approved by the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) or propose other tools for approval.

The third measure uses teacher portfolios to showcase student achievement evidence throughout the year.

The fourth option includes student surveys as a tool if chosen by a district.

State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister said the strength in the recommendations is in allowing districts greater latitude to choose the tools that work best for their students.

“The focus of TLE needs to be shifted to continuous improvement and professional growth in a state with so many new teachers who could benefit from valuable feedback,” Hofmeister said.

Senate Bill 706, signed in June, called for revisions to the TLE evaluation system, which will be implemented in the 2016-17 school year.