New York Values

The weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal for April 2 carried a column by Janet Hook entitled, “Trump Struggles to Regain His Mojo.”

Ms. Hook commented that the Trump campaign is pivoting toward the general election by looking more presidential as he lines up new supporters and individuals who can manage any anticipated problems through a brokered Republican National Convention.

Many strategists reason that the Trump campaign is at a crossroads, seeking to reach “beyond the people drawn to him because of his unconventional style and allay the fears of other Republicans who worry that his nomination would do long-term damage to the party.”

She also quoted GOP fundraiser Fred Maler saying, “There is a very small group of Republicans that have put him where he is today and he has got to expand that group and move the dial on his approval ratings.”

Where has Mr. Maler been living over the last eight months?  Mr. Trump has vanquished nearly 20 Republican presidential candidates.  He has brought out more new voters than the establishment ever dreamed of.  His numerous rallies total 10,000 or more across America.  GOP primary totals are roughly 50 percent larger than the 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

I don’t think in modern history so many pundits, press, establishment , super PAC’s and Republicans have worked so hard to derail an individual who has set the campaign tone to help those American citizens who lack a voice at the table.

America’s middle class has borne the tremendous burden of years of unwinnable wars given us by Republicans and Democrats.  Their children must suffer through failing public schools which they knew the establishment would never tolerate for their children.

The middle class sees their jobs moved overseas and wonders why.  Is it our national goal to provide full employment to citizens of China, Japan and the Pacific Rim?

People today realize that they have been lied to and fooled by modern politicians.

In a recent interview Governor John Kasich told a story about a single mother who cannot accept a promotion for fear of losing government benefits.  He reasoned, can’t we change the law to make the promotion possible?  His small crowd applauded with approval.

The problem for the governor is again another lie.  This example has been around for years.  Individuals are sent to Washington to do just that – to change laws, but they don’t and people today realize they have again been duped.

It really isn’t hard to dislike those managing the country.  All one must do is track the numbers.

America’s trade deficit in February widened to a six-month high of $47.1 billion.

That represents cars from Mexico and electronics from China and Japan.  Those are goods produced by foreigners for our consumption.  No wonder Baltimore, Detroit and Chicago smokestacks are empty.

We actually imported $225.1 billion in the month and exported $178 billion producing the $47.1 billion deficit.

This trade imbalance must stop.  American workers can do the job.  Ted Cruz may refer to “New York values” with a smirk.

He was 100 percent wrong.  All Americans were so proud of what police, firemen and ordinary citizens did for their fellow New Yorkers after 9/11.

That is the true spirit of America that Donald Trump wants to bring back every day.  Together we can make America great again.