Next generation is a concern as the U.S. undergoes a ‘revolution’

It seems that we are witnessing the continuation of a planned “revolution” in the United States. This is the forces supporting the establishment of a single World government attempting by well-orchestrated “protests” which are actually well-financed riots. Any time you see crowds protesting this or that issue – such as illegal alien rights or a conservative speaker at a university campus – that are well equipped with neatly printed signs and new, expensive bull horns, it is a very good bet that there is heavily financed, bussed, driven or flown-in, paid rioters.

In recent weeks, a number of respected and usually knowledgeable sources having solid information have stated that these riots are an organized effort to, as was put, “make the United States ungovernable.” Other than those statements, factual confirmation is not available to me, but seems to be sufficiently reliable and logical to make them believable.

It should be remembered that after the demise of the Soviet Union, the activists in the world communist movement needed a base from which to pursue their goal of world domination. It seems that they gravitated to the ongoing activist movement against mankind’s treatment of the environment, flora and fauna (plants and animals) and have succeeded in capturing control.

From there, the focus was on the Democrat Party and, looking at those in Party leadership positions, it would appear that the capture is all but total. Thus my sympathies to those of commonsense and practical mind who are still involved.

Further, they are successfully managing to make serious inroads into control of the Republican Party, even down to local clubs and party subdivisions. This success happens largely because far too many which might be called “constitutional conservatives” are reluctant to step forward and assume management positions. Such is the case, down to the precinct positions and elective offices such as school board members. As a result, the leaders of the party, as well as a number of elected officials, seem to be questionable as to their dedication and loyalty to the original principles laid down in the Constitution to be the primary basis of our representative republic.

This is, to me, particularly worrisome since contained in it are the guarantees of the God-given freedoms we have enjoyed. Also, without those primary laws, the United States would have never risen to the world prominence and economic dominance that has raised our level of prosperity far beyond any known in history. Thus it is essential that we of the freedom-loving and law-abiding population must be ready to rise up to reverse this plunge back into the Dark Ages of poverty, servitude and dictatorship by royalty of the past.

Unfortunately, misdirection of the education establishment, the leadership of which has been largely captured by the C/S movement, causes the products of that system to be unknowledgeable and adverse to the original. We have reached the level where such products are now the parents of children in school and so have not the knowledge or desire to take a hand in properly rearing their offspring.

Also, those of my generation, called “the greatest,” are rapidly disappearing in numbers and those left are mostly reaching the end of our ability to be effective. Those of my circle are often being “put out to pasture” by children and/or grandchildren and deprived of control of their own lives and futures. That is all the more unfortunate because of the tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in living and business that is stored in our individual memory banks. Sometimes I am totally surprised by things being stated, often having been forgotten that they were there. My concern is strong for the well-being of my children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren.