NFL, NBA, NCAA want to dictate law to lawmakers

The National Basketball League wants to determine who can use what bathroom in North Carolina and the National Football League wants to do the same in Texas.

The liberal lawyers and teams owners in these sports leagues apparently fancy themselves to be state legislators.

The NBA was so made at North Carolina that they moved February’s All-Star Game from Charlotte, North Carolina, to New Orleans, Louisiana.

The law in question simply states that if you want to use a public bathroom, you have to use one that matches the gender on your birth certificate. The state law in North Carolina was a reaction to a city ordinance that essentially would allow a man to use a women’s public restroom (or locker room) and to let women use the men’s room. The only criteria would be if a man “felt he was a woman” or if a woman “felt she was a man.”

Similarly, the NFL sent a threatening letter to the Texas Legislature warning that if Texas passes a similar state law, the NFL would be forced to act on behalf of homosexuals, cross dressers, transvestites and people who think they have had a sex change.

The NBA and the NFL don’t seem to care if a young girl walks into a public restroom only to find a man wearing a dress in one of the stalls. Interestingly, some feminist groups have supported these laws because of one reason – it makes common sense.

Also, the head honchos at the National Collegiate Athletic Association, who are decidedly progressive, chose to punish North Carolina by moving the playoffs of some minor sports elsewhere and threatening to move NCAA playoffs if the legislators in North Carolina don’t bow to their wishes.

Some men think they are women and they decide to take female hormones, wear feminine clothes and some even have surgery to try to more closely look like women. They cannot change their DNA, so technically and biologically, they will always be men.

The same goes for women who think they should be men.

The homosexual agenda states that normal people must accept perverted lifestyles. It rejects parts of the Old Testament and New Testament which condemn homosexuality. And with the help of the liberal news media, it tries to equate the “struggle” for the acceptance of homosexuality with the battle for racial equality.

They are not the same. People don’t choose their ethnicity. Everyone does choose their sexual activity. Certainly, there are men with feminine qualities and women with masculine characteristics.

Dr. Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, said in a speech before the Tulsa County Republican Men’s Club recently that society doesn’t encourage people to act on every instinct.

For example, some people love to eat. And eat. And eat.  But the TV show the Biggest Loser was all about helping people curb that basic instinct to their betterment, Piper said. It’s the same with sexual behavior.

Why are liberals so intolerant of what they perceive as intolerance by conservatives, Piper asked?

And here’s something else. How does the NBA or NFL claim any moral high ground?

Have you seen the cheerleaders? These scantily dressed woman do sexually suggestive dances in front of crowds who bet large sums of money while drinking a whole lot of alcohol.

One of the big draws at a Dallas Cowboy game is watching the cheerleaders on the big screen.

Do you know how much money is bet on the Super Bowl? Or how much beer companies spend advertising during NBA or NFL games?

The NCAA is not much better. The amount of money being gambling on March Madness (the NCAA basketball tournament) is staggering. Even The University of Tulsa and Oklahoma State University sell advertising for the football games to tribal casinos. (Oklahoma has advertising but it insists it be for the hotels, not the casinos).

All these sports try to discourage gambling (right) and drunkenness but in reality, they encourage it.

I would much rather trust the legislators in North Carolina and Texas for a moral compass than the liberal power brokers of the NBA, the NFL and the NCAA.

In fact, if lawmakers cave because of this pressure, they should be replaced by the good voters in their district.

What can we do?

First, we can encourage a similar law in Oklahoma. We must protect our children from homosexuals.

Secondly, plan a vacation in North Carolina or Texas. Buy some products from those states. Write a letter to encourage their legislatures.

And if we pass this law in Oklahoma, and the NBA threatens the Oklahoma City Thunder, we need to turn out in droves to support the local NBA franchise.

The NCAA won’t have the courage to threaten the State of Texas. If they did, the reaction could lead to a new college football league made up of the Power Five conferences. That would devastate the NCAA.

The NBA, the NFL and the NCAA have a right to complain about social issues. We consumers also have a right to boycott sports that overstep their proper roles.