Editorial: No leadership from the President

Much-needed leadership on the terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, on May 3 won’t be forthcoming from President Obama.

Obama doesn’t believe there are any Muslim terrorists – he thinks they are “criminals” who believe they are acting according to Islamic principles.

That’s the official stance of this administration even though ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack at the Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest in which one security guard was shot and two terrorists were killed by police.

Reports show that the gunmen, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, have direct ties to terror groups. Social media messages from the two indicate they were on a religious mission to attack cartoonists at the event. This indicates that there are Islamic cell groups operating within the United States and they will not tolerate any criticism of their religion/idealogy. This fact is well known by America’s law enforcement community.

The Obama administration has seen ties between the two terrorists and Muslim operatives but there is little or no transparency about the extent of these connections. Right before the attack, Simpson tweeted: “May Allah accept us as mujahideen.” What this indicates is that Muslim forces outside the United States who despise us and what we stand for have the capability to attack public criticism of their religion. And, these Islamic terrorists want Americans to know that they have the capability and they want that to foster great fear.

And predictably, the liberal news media is chastising the organizer of the event and blaming her for the violence. That’s backward. She was exercising her constitutional right to free speech.

Christians don’t try to kill people who don’t accept their message. Muslims do kill people that don’t follow Mohammed and Shariah law.

What’s next? Who knows? Americans could feel a lot safer if we had a president who cared more about his own people than an idealogy disguising itself as a religion.