Editorial: No need for more grizzly bears

Here’s another bad idea left over from the Obama Regime.

Some federal bureaucrats want the population of grizzly bears to increase in states in the Northwest.


Don’t they know that grizzly bears kill livestock and kill and eat people?

Unfortunately, grizzly bears are expanding their range in states like Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Bureaucrats at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service like that idea and want to see more bears.

Grizzly bears are protected by the Endangered Species Act, and partly due to that legal protection, they are migrating outward from the population’s core in Yellowstone National Park.

Young male grizzlies are exploring new terrain and females will eventually follow. The population of bears has risen slightly, they are getting closer and closer to populated areas and that spells trouble for people and bears.

Radical environmentalists want to see the bears freely repopulate without genuine concern for humans or population growth. They protest talk of hunting bears to thin the population to safe levels but insist on relocating troublesome grizzlies.

That’s nuts.

These bears are dangerous. No one wants to hunt them to extinction but they should only be permitted in areas far away from human populations.

This is similar to the unbelievable repopulation of wolves in the same part of the country. These growing packs of wolves kill cattle and are a definite threat to humans.

People matter much more than animals. The hope is that President Trump and his common sense approach to management will put a permanent end to the senseless growth of predators that threaten human lives and livestock.