Editorial: No rush to sign a backup QB

The liberal sports media (that’s right – the liberal sports media) is all worked up because former San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick is a free agent that no one seems to want.

Some ESPN writers claim that Kaepernick is being “blackballed” because in pregame ceremonies in 2016, the quarterback refused to rise during the playing of the National Anthem to protest the treatment of minorities in America. These writers think that Kaepernick is being denied a job by NFL owners despite high levels of interest from league coaches.

Here’s why Kaepernick doesn’t have a job:

  • Even though he was a starter for the 49ers and played in the 2012 season’s Super Bowl and lead San Francisco to the NFC Championship game in 2013, he lost his starting job to Blaine Gabbert in 2014 and when he got it got it back, he did not perform well. He’s a runner in a pass-happy league.
  • In March, he officially opted out of his contract with the 49ers and he became a free agent. But there was no team that was willing to pay him as a starter when he at this time is really just a backup. Quarterback is the most important position in the NFL and teams pay tens of millions of dollars to successful starters. Backup quarterbacks and other players don’t make nearly as much. If you spend a fortune on a starter and big money on a backup, it impacts a team’s overall salary cap. Kaepernick has priced himself out of a backup job.
  • Kaepernick’s protest against America upset a lot of NFL fans. Any team that signs him would face a fan backlash and it could mean a loss of ticket sales and sponsorships. Is this level of controversy worth a backup quarterback who makes too much and might never play? Not really.

Kaepernick has every right to protest. But every NFL owner has the right to make the best decisions for his team and every fan has the right to cheer or boo. Kaepernick created his own situation – now he has to deal with it.