Editorial: Nonpartisan votes and Kathy Taylor

Changing the Tulsa City Council election to nonpartisan status was a big mistake and it should be switched back.

Mayor-elect G.T. Bynum is a registered Republican but he clearly won because Democrats saw him as a champion for the Democrat Party and its liberal platform.

And so far, Bynum is proving that assessment is correct. Bynum has named ex-mayor Kathy Taylor as a chief advisor concerning economic matters.

Taylor, a progressive Democrat, was one of the most liberal mayors in Tulsa’s history – right up there with ex-mayor Susan Savage. Both are classic tax-and-spend liberals who aggressively push the Democrat Platform.

That is not the face of Tulsa.

Bynum won because many voters thought he was at least somewhat conservative. He is proving to be otherwise.

His selection of Taylor is not surprising, since she supported his campaign against Mayor Dewey Bartlett (who is more conservative than Bynum). Most agree that if Tulsa had partisan elections, Bartlett would have defeated Bynum in a GOP primary and that it was Bynum’s Democratic support that pushed him past Bartlett in the nonpartisan election.

Bynum deserves a chance to show that he can be a good mayor for Tulsa. But so far, his controversial promotion of Kathy Taylor calls into question how successful his administration can be.