Editorial: North Carolina chickens out

Facing pressure from the NCAA, the NBA and the NFL plus chambers of commerce and the travel industry, the State of North Carolina has rescinded a law preventing men dressed like women from entering public bathrooms and locker rooms.

This is not progress.

This problem all began when lame duck ex-President Barack Obama decided that he would promote homosexuality and homosexual marriage. He ordered the education department to threaten public schools if they didn’t accommodate boys who wanted to be girls and girls who wanted to be boys in their bathrooms and locker rooms.

The City of Charlotte wanted to add that special right to apply to homosexuals in public bathrooms in that city. Conservative lawmakers responded with a state law stating that you could only use a bathroom that matched the gender on your birth certificate.

That didn’t set well with the NBA, which moved its all-star game to New Orleans from Charlotte. The NFL made veiled threats and the NCAA removed championship events of minor sports from North Carolina.

So, moral decency take a back seat to sports and money in North Carolina.

John F. Kennedy put a man on the Moon. Barack Obama put a man in the women’s restroom.

Texas will soon pass a similar state law to protect people – especially young girls – from male predators who pose as women. And the NCAA, the NBA and the NFL will try to strong arm Texas lawmakers into backpedaling.

That strategy won’t work in Texas and it won’t work in Oklahoma, either.