Not the Same Party

I have marveled for years how the Wall Street Journal can put together such a fine newspaper on a daily basis.  If you don’t read it you should.

On September 22, Andrew Stein, a prominent New York Democrat who served in elective positions for over 25 years, wrote an excellent article entitled, “Party Loyalty Can’t Make Me Vote for Clinton.”

The article begins with his remembrance of his father, Jerry Stein. who was a Democrat power broker and New York City Democrat chairman.  His heroes were the Kennedy brothers.  Vice President Hubert Humphrey and Senator Estes Kefauver stayed at their apartment where they would discuss traditions of the party.

It is the loss of those traditions which bothers Mr. Stein the most.

He believes his party has become the party of the elite and moneyed class and has deserted its historic mission as the party of the working class and disadvantaged.

“Given my level of discomfort with the current leftist orientation with the Democrat Party, I am now supporting Republican nominee Donald Trump for president,” says Mr. Stein.

Andrew Stein has known Trump since the 1970’s.  He says Mr. Trump has deep concern for people.  He even recounts that in 1984 Trump provided a 727 airliner to help people in Puerto Rico devastated by a hurricane.  He did so with no fanfare or publicity.

Trump even rebuilt the skating rink in Central Park after the city had floundered with it for ten years.

Mr. Stein also says, unlike Hillary Clinton, Trump will not allow tens of thousands of immigrants who cannot be vetted properly to come into the country.

Everywhere in the world, America’s position is far worse now thanks in large measure to Mrs. Clinton’s actions as Secretary of State.

As Daniel Henninger in another WSJ column pointed out, terrorism again has muscled its way to the top of a presidential campaigns’ stack of issues.  He also says people this election will be voting into power an entire political party, which has consequences for the country’s political direction regardless of what is said by the candidates.

He concludes with, “By that measure, there is a reason not to turn over the job of fighting global terrorism to the Democrats: They don’t want it.”

He cites the watering down of the Patriot Act.  No wonder the FBI can’t find terrorists before the fact.  The president refuses to call it what it is.  Who else is yelling “Allahu akbar,” as they kill Americans?  Is it people from Mars, Finns or Peruvians?  No, it’s Islamic terrorists.

In Mr. Stein’s article, he mentions Hillary’s Iraq War vote, and her support of the Iranian nuclear deal.  He also says her domestic record is as bad.  New Yorkers elected her to the Senate after she promised to create 200,000 new jobs in upstate New York.

When she left office the region had a net loss of 8,000 jobs.

Mrs. Clinton is a serial liar.  She continues to lie about the saga of her private unsecure emails and server, which were intended to hide the pay to play program between the Clinton Foundation and State Department.

Mr. Andrew Stein is a modern day character out of Jack Kennedy’s Profiles of Courage.  This is a fitting tribute as President Kennedy once said to his friend and confidante Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., “Sometimes party loyalty ask too much.”