Now Come the Lies

On September 28, an email was sent out showing that 240 Reagan alumni had signed up for the Trump-Pence movement. This is especially telling since most of these former appointees and office holders are members of the Republican establishment.

The group includes Governor Haley Barbour, Secretary William J. Bennett, Governor Frank Keating, Attorney General Ed Meese and Secretary Casper Weinberger. It is expected that the list will easily grow to over 300 officials. Yet, the never-Trump forces, led by the New York Times, Washington Post and unfortunately the Wall Street Journal, continue to relive events of 30 years ago and fabricate stories that are truly fiction. One such story was written by Dorothy Rabinowitz, a member of the WSJ Editorial Board.

Ms. Rabinowitz begins by saying that the Trump rallies today lack the roaring ecstasy his promises used to evoke. She fails to note that Mrs. Clinton can only muster small groups of supporters at one time versus the tens of thousands admirers attending Trump rallies. Then she attacks his personality and “casual disregard for truth, his self-obsession, his ignorance, his ingrained vindictiveness.”

If one did not know she was referring to Trump, each trait seems to fit Hillary to a tee. Mrs. Clinton is a serial liar. She has repeatedly been shown to lie about the private server and emails. She has lied about the Clinton Foundation and even told the families of those killed in Libya that it was the work of a mob enraged by a bogus video.

Ms. Rabinowitz also forgets the vindictiveness used by Mrs. Clinton against those women who were abused and molested by her husband. Instead of leaving him, she used her full fury to attack his victims.

Ms. Rabinowitz does mention Mrs. Clinton proclivities as she rambled on in the debate about institutional racism in response to conflagration involving police actions. However, she ended by saying even so, such proclivities pale next to the occasion for cringing that would come with a Trump presidency. “No one witnessing Mr. Trump’s primary race – his accumulation of alt-right cheerleaders, white supremacists, and swastika devotees – could fail to notice the menacing tone and the bitterness that came with it.”

Who is Ms. Rabinowitz talking about? No wonder in a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 29 percent of all likely U.S. voters trust media fact-checking of candidate’s comments.

Sixty-two percent believe instead that news organizations skew the facts to help candidates they support. This fact was certainly in evidence in the first debate when Lester Holt repeatedly interrupted the Republican candidate and forgot to question Mrs. Clinton about Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play policy or the private server and missing 33,000 emails. Mrs. Clinton’s health was also overlooked.

What Ms. Rabinowitz misses – when considering the “white supremacists, swastika devotees” and other deplorables supporting Donald Trump – is what the election is all about. It’s about a new path which Mrs. Clinton cannot provide as a change agent. Americans have been rolled by politicians like Mrs. Clinton, who only care about themselves. Our trade policies are a disaster, public education too produces uneducated and unskilled individuals, we are over regulated and all institutions are under attack by those who see themselves as far better than most.

For me, I would rather support a successful and experienced businessman who genuinely has the country’s interest at heart than a vindictive and ethically challenged individual who has yet to outline a path for the country. That is why Mr. Trump is up five points in the recent Los Angeles Times Poll.