Editorial: Obama and the heroin epidemic

America has a heroin epidemic and that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

President Obama promotes a socialist government that emphasizes entitlement and minimizes the value of work. When people don’t work and aren’t encouraged to work, they turn to alcohol and drug abuse.

It’s gotten so bad that Obama had a big announcement that he would spend about $2.5 million to target heroin abuse in New England, Appalachia and some East Coast cities. Drug Czar Micheal Botticelli said another $1.3 million will go to fight the importation of heroin from Mexico along our southern border.

This is a joke.

Obama wants to give $150,000,000,000.00 to Iran but he plans to stop the heroin epidemic by spending about $3 million in “chump change.”

Those figures just show his lack of commitment for enforcement of America’s drug laws. His administration has looked the other way as Colorado, Oregon and Washington, D.C., have ignored federal laws against possession of marijuana. It’s no surprise that Obama would make only a token move to stop an incredible surge in heroin abuse.

One of the major causes of heroin addiction is when medical patients use legally prescribed painkillers containing opium and then those prescriptions are ended. And children get unused prescribed pills from family medicine cabinets and become addicted.

Buying heroin illegally is much cheaper than getting those prescribed drugs.

Drug overdoses with heroin has become a campaign issue in New Hampshire, with at least 50 heroin overdose deaths in Manchester, New Hampshire, this year alone.

More and more people are dying from heroin overdoses and the Obama Administration has no workable answer.