Editorial: Obama raises gasoline prices

Gasoline prices are on the rise again because of the failures of the Obama administration.

Is it fair to blame the federal government on high gasoline costs? Yes.

In the past few years, America has had a great opportunity to develop energy independence. While private companies invested in innovation to tap vast resources of oil and natural gas, President Obama has directed the Environmental Protection Agency, the Justice Department and other federal agencies to slow the development of our natural resources.

America has a bunch of natural gas but Obama is blocking the exportation of natural gas to Europe even though it would help our allies be less dependent on Russia for energy.

With stunning success with his war on coal, Obama has pivoted in his efforts to destroy America’s oil and gas industry and in the process, he is driving energy prices through the roof for consumers.

America has one fourth of the worlds’ coal reserves plus the technology and will to burn it cleanly. Yet Obama is channeling all his efforts toward solar and wind power – a strategy guaranteed to lessen supply and drive up prices.

Obama and his ilk don’t like the independence afforded Americans through automobiles. Like Russia in the early 20th Century, his planners would like to herd Americans into central high-rise communities where they can walk or ride bikes to work.

That is just not consistent with the American Dream.

And to top it off, Obama struck a deal with Iran that not only gives them nuclear capability but allows them to dump millions of barrels of oil on the market, which causes tremendous disruption in the American energy industry (especially in Oklahoma).

When you see high prices at the pump, you can thank Obama and the Democrats.