Obama showed his disdain by stopping the Keystone Pipeline

Finally, on November 6, PRESBO announced that he would not approve the partial-built Keystone XL Pipeline project proposed to bring Canadian produced crude oil across the Dakotas, Nebraska and Kansas to Cushing, Oklahoma, and then one across Texas to Houston and Port Arthur.  From there it would provide input to Gulf Coast refineries, which are set up to process that type of crude oil into products. Or it could be exported to other American nations with such refineries.

PRESBO, in his statement (the entire content of which has not been made available to me), was heard to state that the “project would not be of economic benefit to the United States.”

With that I have most strenuous disagreement.  Just the construction of the northern section would mean thousands of high-paying jobs to not only the contractor employees but those of the numerous material suppliers and their support companies.  It also would have been a major economic boost to those cities and towns located along the route it would have traversed.  This would all have resulted in a somewhat increased volume of income-tax revenue to the federal government, as well as the states involved.

Not only that, but there is a very real possibility that an alternate line may be built from the oil fields westward to British Columbia so the oil could be loaded onto tankers for delivery to the CHICOMS (Chinese Communists).  In that event, it would go to support our avowed enemies and provide them with fuel for attacks on us and/or our business interests.        During the 2012 campaign, PRESBO made an unscheduled in advance visit to Oklahoma City and to Cushing where he, standing in front of rows of stacked line pipe ready to be laid, loudly proclaimed that he would expedite the approval of the line.  All this while we who knew were aware that the southern section from Cushing to Houston was under construction and did not require the federal approval for across-border construction.  So much for his promises, which I was certain that he was lying and knew it at the time.

As of earlier this year, that section of line has been completed and is now in operation.

It appears to me that he is still determined to weaken, if not destroy, the largest (and most beneficial to the people) economy in the history of the world.  It also is clear to me that he never intended that the line all the way from Canada would be approved.  It is my opinion that the long delay in announcing a decision, already made in advance, was to attempt to destroy the Canadian company desiring to build and operate the line. This also will deny the agreed-to right-of-way payments to the owners of land across which the line would have passed.  These are farmers and ranchers who have been suffering adverse weather for several years and would have benefitted from the infusion of cash.

On the other hand, it has surprised me that the pipeline company has not considered the possibility of constructing the northern section from Cushing to the existing junction in Nebraska or South Dakota and then on to the border where railroads could deliver the oil from Canada.  This would remove the much higher risks to population from unit tank car trains from the oil fields all the way to Cushing, or even all the way to the Gulf.

Maybe they have considered this alternative but have been waiting for the final decision from Washington.  One would hope so.  Not being privy to their corporate records and decisions, it is not possible for me to have a clue about their decision making.

In any event, the announced decision is another example of the disdain PRESBO and his administration personnel have for the whole nation and its peoples’ well being.  I shall not forget this next November, as if that were even a remote possibility.