Editorial: Obama wants your guns, ammo

As the Obama presidency (thankfully) winds down, Obama is pushing harder to give the federal government control of guns.

The latest scheme is targeting Social Security recipients.

The administration wants to keep people on Social Security from owning guns if they are “unable to manage their own affairs.” If a senior cannot handle his or her finances, Obama wants them to not have access to a gun.

The translation is – bureaucrats want the right to steal guns from senior citizens.

Everyone who buys a gun from a licensed gun dealer now undergoes a background check. Felons, drug addicts, illegal immigrants and some others can’t legally buy guns in America.

Of course, not being able to buy a gun legally has never really stopped a criminal. These laws are chiefly an inconvenience for honest, law-abiding citizens. And it is another reach for bureaucratic control from a socialist president who thinks government is the answer to every problem. If Obama’s scheme became law, it could affect millions of Americans.

Is this a problem? How many 95-year-olds are robbing banks? How many 78-year-olds are shooting cops?

Social Security has more than four million beneficiaries who have accounts managed by “representative payees.”

Senior citizens are some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Financial adeptness doesn’t relate to the constitutional right to bear arms.

Obama wants to arm Iran with nuclear weapons and keep older Americans unarmed.

What’s wrong with this picture?