Editorial: Obama’s bathroom policy stinks

This stinks.


President Obama’s love for homosexuality has prompted him to have the liberal Department of Education send out guidelines to all public schools instructing them to allow boys who act like girls go into girl restrooms and locker rooms.

Obama doesn’t want boys or girls who think they are homosexuals to be in the slight bit inhibited in strutting into the wrong bathroom and taking a seat.

Although the Department of Education “guidelines” don’t have the force of law, federal officials are trying to intimidate schools into compliance by promising some kind of retribution for anyone who dares defy them.

Young people get confused about a lot of things. Teen-aged boys can feel insecure about their manhood. If they happen to experiment with homosexuality, our culture – and President Obama – will try to convince them that they are homosexuals and incapable of a normal relationship. This happens with girls, too.

What these young people need is the care and guidance of their parents or other responsible mentors who can help them stay away from perversion and head toward a normal life.

Letting boys dressed like girls into locker rooms and girls who think they want to be boys into the men’s room sends exactly the wrong message. Plus, it can be a dangerous situation when a boy masquerades as a girl and then assaults young women when they least expect an attack.

This is not a safe policy. The federal government has no business ordering this perverted social change. Obama clearly has no moral compass and doesn’t care for the safety or proper upbringing of our nation’s youth.

Again, this stinks.