Letter to the editor: Obama’s gun control laws are shocking

I listened to the President’s speech on gun control.  Who of you are analyzing this speech?

The president clearly said that “anyone selling a gun must have a license and submit to a background check.” The president did not qualify that statement to only include business owners, gun show owners or gun show participants.

If you did not clearly hear this message and the ambiguities – senators and all elected officials need to carefully listen to this speech again and again.

The president’s action would directly infringe on the rights of private citizens to sell private property.  Under the president’s new gun law, if I had a firearm that I wished to sell to a friend or family member, for example, my government would demand, and somehow enforce, that I, a private citizen, get a business license to sell firearms and also submit to a background check before I could sell such a firearm to the friend or family member.  If the government demands and enforces this, that means I, a private citizen, could be prosecuted for such a sale without the license and background check.

What is going on there in Washington?  What are our leaders up to concerning the safety and rights of the citizenry of these United States?

This is completely shocking.  I am sixty-eight years of age and I have never heard such frightening speech in all my years.

I am completely offended by these presidential threats that will directly affect the safety of my own family and myself.

If this wasn’t bad enough, the president continued by saying he is going to demand new technology that would require firearm manufacturers to make a firearm impossible to fire without the fingerprint signature of the gun owner.

What in the world is wrong with you educated leaders in the government?  If a maniac entered your home aiming to rob, maim, rape and/or murder your family members and you were unable to reach your firearm but your spouse or other family member could, that firearm would be totally useless in their hands as it would not fire except in the hand of the fingerprinted gun owner. How ridiculous is that?  The maniac could do whatever he/she wanted and take your inactive firearm as well as all the while having his way with your family in front of your very eyes and laughing at your stupid gun laws.

What if you could actually reach your firearm but could not (in time to save your family) find the fingerprint area on that firearm to cause it to fire? I suggest the result could be very grim for you and your beloved family.  I am a voting grandmother.

I am going to send this to all elected officials that I can get addresses for.  The is the most frightening thing I have ever heard.

I have been a victim of violence. Unfortunately, I know all too well how quickly bad things can happen to a person.  I also know that during a violent attack, you can be punched in the head and rendered unable to think quickly enough to save yourself and others.  Elected leaders must never allow this presidential action to stand.

I found it shocking that people in the room with the president were actually cheering at these words and news reporters did not seem to even fully process the president’s words.  They never even analyzed the ramifications of the president’s new gun laws.

We also need people looking into this who are constitutional scholars.  These laws must never be enacted as stated now or ever in years to come.  These laws could also affect the military that you are sworn to protect as well.  Would the presidential guards’ weapons require a fingerprint to fire?

I think not.  It would only apply to the stupid citizens that allowed this insane action to stand. This is the most shocking and frightening speech by a president in my lifetime.