Obama’s US attorneys finally resign

Two U.S. attorneys, Danny Williams, Sr. of the Northern District of Oklahoma (in Tulsa) and Mark Green of the Eastern District of Oklahoma (in Muskogee) have resigned following a routine request from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

U.S. attorneys are political appointees and are routinely replaced by incoming presidential administrations. Williams and Green were appointed by ex-President Barack Obama, a progressive Democrat.

About half of the U.S. district attorneys resign around the January presidential inauguration. Williams and Green did not and would have been fired had they not resigned in March.

Federal law calls for the first assistant U.S. attorney to fill the vacancy until the president nominates a replacement and they are confirmed by the Senate.

First Assistant U.S. Attorney Doug Horn will be the interim U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of Oklahoma until a replacement is named. Loretta Radford, first assistant U.S. attorney in the Northern District of Oklahoma, will be the acting U.S. attorney in the Northern District of Oklahoma.