Editorial: Oklahoma Supreme Court error

The War on Christianity continues with the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Seven of the nine liberal justices ruled that a monument to the Ten Commandments must be removed from state property even though it was funded privately by State Rep. Dr. Mike Ritze and his family.

Oddly enough, the liberal U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Ten Commandments has historical value and can be displayed on government property.

The Oklahoma Court thinks the state constitution prohibits any public display of religion – more specifically Christianity – and they are on a mission to stop Oklahoma Christians from “pushing” their faith on atheists, agnostics, Satanists and any other fringe belief system that is the flavor of the day.

This is the same pro-abortion court that routinely overturns pro-life laws overwhelmingly supported by the Legislature and public opinion. It killed an initiative petition concerning the personhood of unborn babies before it was even submitted.

This liberal court, appointed chiefly by former governors who are liberal Democrats, has no regard for the will of the people. They threw out the Taxpayer Bill of Rights on a technicality even though it would have passed a vote of the people and would have greatly benefitted the state.

This court is making laws rather than interpreting laws. It is the worst form of judicial activism. The liberal Democrats who held Oklahoma back for a century may have lost control of the Legislature but they are maintaining the liberal status quo through activist judges.

And those judges have no love for Christianity.

Also, removing the Ten Commandments is a slap at Judaism.