Oklahoma Wesleyan Update

It’s full steam ahead for Oklahoma Wesleyan University in its mission to equip young people for life. As a member of the OKWU Foundation Board, I am very pleased with their progress. OKWU President Dr. Everett Piper recently gave an update.

This summer on the campus in Bartlesville, there are major renovations including new flooring (carpet and tile) throughout the entire Lyon Chapel and Fine Arts Center.  Believe it or not this building is about 17 years old and all this renovation brings this facility back to looking like its in nearly new condition.

The Mueller Sports Center gymnasium has also received a complete overhaul.  That includes a newly surfaced floor, new bleachers, a new logo and new signage.  This is the first time this type of major facelift has taken place since the 1970s.

The construction of the new residence hall is nearly complete.  Adee Hall will be finished within a couple weeks.

“We are so grateful to Marla Roseland as well as Richard and Alice Adee for their role in making this possible,” said Dr. Piper.  “Their gift along with the support of Charlie and Janice Drake and the Lyon Foundation brings the total raised to the $2 million needed to finish the project as well as all the corresponding outdoor recreational space, parking, etc.”

The 2017 fiscal year for Oklahoma Wesleyan is now in the books and the Christian university finished the year on budget.

“Thanks to all of you for your generous support,” Piper said. “It goes without saying that this doesn’t happen without you.”

The annual fund for this year surpassed goal.  The final numbers are yet to be tallied but it appears that it is approaching $500,000 – which would be $50,000 over the goal.

The OKWU women’s basketball coach accepted a new position in South Dakota, so the men’s basketball coach, Mark Molder, has requested to go back to his previous role coaching the Lady Eagles.   Donnie Bostwick (who served as the head coach for the 2009 national championship Eagles) just informed the school that he would like to return, effective immediately. Now, Donnie Bostwick is the OKWU men’s head basketball coach and Mark Molder is the head coach of the OKWU women. “Congratulations to both of these guys.  It will be good to see them working together again,” Piper said.

Piper has written a new book, Not A Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth, and it will be released by Regnery Publishing August 1.  You can pre-order it at http://everettpiper.com/books/.    He continues to do multiple talk-radio engagements. These range from San Francisco and Seattle to New York City, Chicago and Washington D.C.  He is a regular guest on the Pat Campbell Show in Tulsa as well as guest hosting engagements for the Family Research Council’s Washington Watch with Tony Perkins (http://www.frc.org).   Piper will be speaking in Washington D.C. for an FRC event on the topic of “Not a Day Care” on August 1.

“We continue to be blessed,” Piper said. “Please don’t forget to pray for us.  There are a couple of additional opportunities in play right now (that I am obligated to keep confidential for the time being) that will put OKWU and our voice on a much more prominent platform in Washington D.C., and in our broader culture, if they materialize.  Pray for the vetting process of these opportunities. Pray that God will show us favor and that those making the final decisions will grant us a place at the table with our nation’s leaders as well as those around the world as we advocate for religious freedom and the power of a Biblical worldview.   Remember to stand with us as we ‘fight the good fight’ for Christ and His kingdom here at OKWU.”

It’s great to have such a shining example of what college should be right here in Bartlesville and Tulsa.