One-cent sales tax increase vote is coming in November

Proponents of a proposal to raise state sales tax by one penny successfully submitted an initiative petition to get the issue on the November election ballot.

Oklahoma Secretary of State Chris Benge certified the petition, which had 301,518 signatures. Only 123,725 were needed to force a vote.

University of Oklahoma President David Boren was the leader of the effort. If passed, proceeds would go to education, but not just common education (kindergarten through 12th grade) but also to higher education and vocational training.

Earlier this year, the City of Tulsa passed a massive $884,100,000.00 sales tax increase to pay for expansion of museums, the zoo and other projects, including development of the Arkansas River.

If the new state sales tax passes, Tulsa will have a 9.5 percent sales tax – one of the highest in the nation.