ONG asks for higher gas rates

(PRNewswire) – Oklahoma Natural Gas has filed a request with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) for a $50,400,000.00 increase in base rates, which could mean almost $60.00 a year increase for residential customers.

Oklahoma Natural Gas is the state’s largest natural gas utility, serving more than 850,000 customers across three-quarters of the state of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Natural Gas’ request, if approved, represents an increase of $50.4 million in base rates and would result in a typical residential customer paying $4.98 per month more for the utility’s natural gas delivery service.

“Our number one priority is safety. In order to continue to provide a safe, reliable energy choice to our customers, we continually reinvest in our infrastructure and upgrade our technology to maintain the integrity of our system,” said Pierce H. Norton II, ONE Gas president and chief executive officer.

“We understand the impact rate increases can have on our customers as we manage expenses to keep energy costs at reasonable levels,” said Norton. The company will continue to assist customers through offerings such as the Average Payment Plan and Energy-Efficiency Program.”

In accordance with Oklahoma law, the OCC has 180 days to consider ONG’s proposed rate changes.