Editorial: Ongoing fake news about Russia

Democrats and the liberal media are going to work for four to eight years to convince the American public that President Trump conspired with the Russians to steal the election from Democrat Hillary Clinton.

There is only one big problem with their conspiracy theory – it’s not true.

After months of investigation and testimony from the former FBI director, no evidence has surfaced that showed that the Russians affected one vote in the presidential election or that Trump made any attempt to gain Russian help to beat Clinton.

It is a completely false narrative.

But the Democrats hate Trump and they need a reason to explain why their ultra-liberal agenda and candidate were rejected by the voters. They had a rotten candidate in Clinton but the progressives were so convinced that she would win, they became shocked on election night when she lost.

The liberal news media – which just about includes all of the major newspapers, the network news shows, most cable news networks and Hollywood – hates Donald Trump. They don’t want him to “drain the swamp.” They want to perpetuate the myth of global warming. They want higher taxes and he doesn’t. The progressive media types want the liberal, America-bashing policies of Barack Obama and they are furious that Trump is standing up to them.

What is the solution?

President Trump needs to ignore the “investigations” and instead, work to implement his agenda, which is good for America. He has already positively affected employment and illegal immigration has fallen. World leaders have a growing respect for Trump, as evidenced by his first trip abroad, and that is in sharp contrast to the weakness of Obama.

The Russia myth is just that. The serious issues of Obama’s birth certificate and other mysteries about his background were covered up by NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC and MSNBC to protect his presidency. And unlike other prominent Republicans, Trump is not shy about calling fake news what it is.

Don’t support the liberal media. Pray for President Trump and help spread the truth.