Only in America

Later this month the United Nations Climate Change conference will get underway in Paris.  President Obama certainly will be heralded as a great visionary with his cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline.  Although two State Department studies concluded there was no negative environmental impact, the president alone killed the deal which would have employed 30,000 union workers and lessened energy dependence for two countries.

For those attending the Paris climate change show, they would do better to pick a place where the effects of pollution have really changed the environment.  But, alas, the City of Lights makes better sense than say Shenyang, China, a city of eight million where smog levels reach 50 times World Health Organization (WHO) recommended levels.  Our bumbling president has given the Chinese until 2030 to begin tackling their pollution problems. As Yahoo news reported, “China’s chronic pollution is generally worse in winter when power production much of it fueled by coal rise along with demand for heating to combat the bitter cold.”

Speaking of bitterness, when the president individually kills the pipeline and Congress cannot lift oil export controls, people grow more weary than bitter.  Mr. Donald Trump has a whole year to make his case as the president’s policies get worse.

Thousands upon thousands of Chinese die each year from pollution.  As one person wrote, “Environmental pollution has made chronic diseases more and more common; we’re becoming the sick man of Asia of the new century.”

Another point of derision was, “Sweden also has central heating – why don’t they have haze?”

As the president puts the blame on his fellow citizens, California moves to level the playing field by giving thousands of high school dropouts diplomas.  For the past 10 years, all graduates had to pass an exit exam to earn a diploma. By removing the barrier, State Senator Bob Huff was quoted, calling it, “a step backwards in education accountability.”  He warned, “our diploma will mean pretty much nothing.”

California can undermine its educational standards since few outside the state are affected.  However, to lower military standards as the Army and its Ranger school recently did, is a deceit that could well cost American lives.

The Stream recently released an article by Jude Eden entitled, “A Tale of Two Combat Integration Tests:  Army v. Marines.”

By January, Defense Secretary Ash Carter will decide if all combat units will be open to women. The Marine Corps  (which bases its findings on tests approved by the Department of Defense and with observation from the Center for Strategic & International Studies, buy-in from The University of Pittsburgh, Michigan State University and Rand Corporation) does not want to change its table of organization.

Opponents of the Corps want to discredit the USMC study, which shows all-male units out performed coed units in 69 percent of 134 combat tests.

Women were slower, were less accurate shooters, struggled with tasks requiring upper body strength such as climbing over walls and lifting a 200-pound dummy off the field, and retained more than double the injuries of men.

The Army points to the girls with the perfect smiles – West Pointer Capt. Kristen Griest and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver – who “made history” by completing Army Ranger School.

Shortly after graduation, reports began to arrive saying special treatment was given the female officers.  Capt. Kristen even admitted, “I thought we were going to be dropped after failing Darby the second time.”  Darby is a training phase of patrolling, ambush, obstacle course, demolition and communications.  Both women were given a Day One Recycle, which means they washed out of their unit and were then picked up by the next ranger class.  They started over.

Oklahoma Congressman Steve Russell, a former Ranger, asked the Army to see the women’s training records.  After stalling for weeks, the Army reported the records were destroyed.

Only in America and with Democrat politics can something this brazen take place with a straight face.  No one should be led by someone who is unfit and a pretender.

In my earlier column, I quoted another West Point officer and Airborne Capt. Julie Pulley, who said, “I do not want my daughter mandated to fill a position in which she will have to put forth significantly greater effort than her peers just to survive in a time of war.  I do not want my son forced into a job where he is at greater risk because those serving alongside him are disproportionately taxed physically.”

When will political correctness end?