Only six city council races on the ballot

Three city councilors and the city auditor did not draw opponents in the filing for city offices last week.

Councilors Karen Gilbert of District 5, Anna America of District 7 and Phil Lakin of District 8 were re-elected without opposition and so was City Auditor Cathy Ann Criswell.

Mayor Dewey Bartlett will face City Council G.T. Bynum in his quest for another term. Other mayoral candidates are Lawrence Kirkpatrick, Tom E. McCay and Paul Tay.

Byrum’s run for mayor makes District 9 an open seat. Ben Kimbro and Eric McCray filed in that race.

The race with the biggest crowd of candidates is District 4 where incumbent Councilor Blake Ewing faces three challengers, Michael Haskins, Josh Starks and Sam Walker.

Because the municipal election has been “nonpartisan” since 2011, if more than two candidates file for an office, they face each other in a June 28 primary. The top two vote getters in the primary will advance to the November general election unless those two candidates don’t have a cumulative vote total of more than 50 percent in the primary. In that case, three or more candidates whose totals are more than 50 percent will advance to an August 27 runoff. The top two candidates in the runoff go to the November ballot.

If only two people file for an office, they go straight to the November general election.