Open borders and illegal immigration hurt the United States

The records I have seen seem to indicate that the Biggs Family came to America from England. That was probably 200-300 years ago.

I know my family has roots that go back to Tennessee and Arkansas. My paternal grandparents are buried near Greenbriar, Arkansas. My mother’s family, the Rogers, were from West Virginia.

I don’t know of anyone who is opposed to immigration.

America is the beacon of hope for the entire world. Is there any other country where you can start at the bottom and work your way up like the United States? I don’t think so.

In many nations, you can’t speak freely. You can’t make a decent living and in some countries, it’s a challenge to feed your family and keep a roof over your head.

Here is the key issue. Immigration needs to be legal and orderly. And those laws must provide for the protection of American citizens.

The liberal media – including Tulsa media – have gone berserk because President Trump has decided to enforce existing immigration laws. That’s what he promised to do in his campaign.

Anyone who studies the situation in Europe must conclude that massive, unchecked immigration is fueling the rise of unrest. Germany, seeking common workers, mistakenly let refugees from the Middle East and Africa in their country. As a result of such an influx, the new residents have not integrated into German society or culture.

And this has happened all over Europe. The relaxation of immigration policy by the European Union is one reason why British citizens voted to pull out. They were losing their country and their culture.

This is serious business.

There is an orderly process to come to America. Using executive orders, ex-President Obama circumvented that system and avoided federal law. The so-called Justice Department took no action in defense of the law and the liberal courts followed suit.

President Trump correctly pointed out that some murderers and rapists have entered this country illegal from Mexico. In the same statement, he clearly stated that not everyone who comes in illegally from Mexico is a murderer or rapist. Yet, CNN (the epicenter of fake news), continues to spout that Trump is a racist and that he has called all Hispanics rapists and murderers.

In his inaugural address, President Trump pointed out that we are in war with Islamic terrorists. Obama refused to identify that undeclared war and he would not point out that those terrorists are Islamic.

As commander in chief, any president is required to protect our people. Trump correctly stopped immigration from a handful of nations that train terrorists.

This is just common sense.

As a response, CNN and all the liberal mainstream media – who don’t even hide their disgust for Trump and bias against anything he does – is doing story after story about poor immigrants and how Trump is destroying their dreams for a better life.

Even liberal professors and college administrators in Oklahoma are exaggerating the impact of this temporary halt to travel from terrorist training countries. Whose side are they on?

President Trump is trying to prevent terrorist attacks in this country. Under Obama, the FBI revealed that there are terrorist cells in every state in the union.

Trump is no racist. In his business, he has worked with every nationality there is. Before he ran for office, no one ever accused him of racial bias.

The progressives and their minions in the media cannot get over the fact that they lost the election. So they pay people to protest at airports and to march in rallies to complain about every action taken by President Trump.

The ultra-liberal Hollywood actors, who love to give each other meaningless awards, are lined up to criticize President Trump. They hate him because he is listening to ordinary Americans and ignoring their hedonistic secularism.

This will continue for the next eight years.

The classic story of immigration in America begins with a family seeking a better life. It involves religious freedom, economic opportunity and hope for tomorrow.

Traditionally, this included a work ethic and strict adherence to the laws of the nation. If people don’t obey the laws, there is chaos.

Middle Eastern countries are complaining about travel restrictions put in place by President Trump. Yet, their own laws are incredibly restrictive. You cannot share your Christian faith publicly in those countries. Women are second-class citizens.

And terrorists are cleverly slipping into other countries disguised as refugees in order to advance their socio-economic tyranny.

Thank goodness President Trump has the courage to say no to incoming threats.

My family came to this country and I hope America will always be open to new citizens. But we shouldn’t have open borders and we can’t turn our backs to the threat of terrorism.