Opting out of EMSA’s monthly plan

The period to enroll or opt-out of EMSAcare ambulance and emergency services began in August. Citizens who don’t take action to opt out will be automatically enrolled and unable to opt out for another full year.

The fee for the service is $5.45 a month, which is $65.40 a year.

EMSAcare is offered through the City of Tulsa’s Medical Service Program. The monthly fee for the program is included in the City of Tulsa residential utility bills.

Most City of Tulsa residential utility customers are enrolled in the program. The fee covers out-of-pocket expenses not paid by the patient’s insurance for ambulance and emergency medical service provided both by first responders from EMSA and the Tulsa Fire Department. EMSAcare shares a portion of its revenue from the fees on the utility bills with the Tulsa Fire Department each year to help cover operational expenses. The City’s EMSAcare Ambulance Program 2015-2016 plan-year runs from Sept. 1, 2015 through Aug. 31, 2016. Customers who choose to opt-out of the program must contact the City of Tulsa Utilities Services before Aug. 31 at www.cityoftulsa.org or 918-596-9511.