OSU is expecting immediate help

Oklahoma State can expect immediate help from the incoming recruiting class, particularly wide receiver Tylan Wallace and offensive tackle Arlington Hambright.

Wallace was rated the No. 13 receiver in the nation and Hambright was ranked as the No. 12 juco offensive tackle.

“Arlington Hambright is an offensive lineman that came in when we had some guys leave that we need to be an impact player for us,” Gundy said.

OSU also signed receivers L.C. Greenwood and Braydon Johnson.

“It’s interesting when you look at them,” said OSU coach Mike Gundy. “L.C. is six-foot-three and we’ve got him down at 210. I think he was more than that. I think he was 218 on his visit. He’s a big man that’s going to play at 230. When we offered him, I don’t think he had any offers. Once he jumped on board, which is pretty traditional for us, every other Big 12 school goes in and offers him in most cases. Then we have to battle them and hold them off to keep him.

“Braydon Johnson is 185 pounds, and he’s fast. He can fly. I doubt that he’ll run less than 4.45 after he’s been here a year, so he allows us to take the top off the defense, which is what we want to do anyways. And then you have Tylan, who is a fast Josh Stewart. Josh Stewart was tremendous in a phone booth, but when he opened it up he was 4.65, 4.7. I think that Tylan has the same quick twitch as him, but he’s going to run under 4.5. That’s what you get with him. It’s a good group of skill.”

Tracin Wallace and Jelani Woods are the two quarterbacks in this class.

Woods, 6-7, is already enrolled and will go through spring drills.

“Yeah, he’s a big man,” Gundy said. “He is on campus now. He had a great year. I think they started out 2-3 and then they ran the table and won a state championship. We are excited about him.

“It will be really interesting how he develops. It will be an interesting spring because Mason (Rudolph), we won’t work him a lot. We will work the younger guys. As we have our three or four thud scrimmages in the spring, the majority of them will be the young quarterbacks and we let them play.”

Tracin Wallace had a knee injury but should be completely recovered in two months.

“We’ll get him in here and he could do some things for us at the quarterback position,” Gundy said. “Obviously, he’ll probably redshirt with Mason being back. It will be interesting to see how he develops over the next couple of years.”

OSU signed three running backs.

“It could be the most interesting position for us in a year or so,” said Gundy. “Obviously, Chuba (Hubbard) has world-class speed. There’s been some conversation that in four years he could be running in the Olympics.

“With J.D. King, we’ve wanted him for a long time, but I was concerned about us holding him because of the distance. When he came back on his visit with his mom, I had a good conversation with her. She said from day one that when he visited here in the spring, he called her and said ‘Mom, I’m going to Oklahoma State’. He said ‘I’ve never felt this way. It feels like home and I’m going to Oklahoma State.’”

The Cowboys signed 11 players on the defensive side of the ball, 10 on the offensive side and one kicker. Of the 22 signees, five come from the junior college ranks, 17 are high school players and five have enrolled early for the spring semester.

“We’re very excited about this year’s recruiting class,” Gundy said. “This is really a quality class. We’ve moved in the direction of trying to secure cerebral football players – guys that we think can think and react quickly in the game. We tried to do as much research as we could into that sort of thing and, obviously, I’m very excited about the kids we have coming in.”

There are eight states and two countries represented in the class, with nine players from Texas, four from Oklahoma, two from Georgia, two from Tennessee and one each from California, Illinois, Michigan, Utah and Alberta, Canada.

The defensive signees include five defensive backs, four defensive linemen and two linebackers, while the offensive side includes three wide receivers, two running backs, two quarterbacks, two Cowboy backs and one offensive lineman.

Oklahoma State Football Signing Class


  • Tracin Wallace, 6-1, 175, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Jelani Woods, 6-7,  230, Ellenwood, Georgia

Running back

  • Sione Finefeuiaki, 6-1, 245, Santa Clara, California
  • Chuba Hubbard, 6-1, 190, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
  • J.D. King,  5-11, 205, Fitzgerald, Georgia

Wide receiver

  • L.C. Greenwood, 6-3, 210, Garland, Texas
  • Braydon Johnson, 6-1, 185, Arlington, Texas
  • Tylan Wallace,  6-1, 185, Fort Worth, Texas

Offensive Line

  • Arlington Hambright, 6-5, 305, Ypsilanti, Michigan


  • Jake McClure, 6-3, 195, Chattanooga, Tennessee


  • Kris McCune, 6-2, 200, Forney, Texas
  • Thabo Mwaniki, 5-11, 185, Denton, Texas
  • Malcolm Rodriguez, 6-1, 205, Wagoner, Oklahoma


  • Lamarcus Morton, 6-1, 185,  Gilmer, Texas

Defensive back

  • Tre Sterling, 6-1, 195, Sunnyvale, Texas

Defensive tackle

  • Brendon Evers, 6-2, 290, Bixby
  • Fua Leilua,  6-3, 300, Spanish Fork, Utah


  • Patrick Macon, 6-3, 240, Memphis, Tennessee
  • Brendan Vaughn, 6-1, 213, Forney, Texas

Defensive end

  • Brock Martin, 6-4, 235, Oologah, Oklahoma
  • Enoch Smith, Jr., 6-2, 295, Chicago, Illinois


  • Baron Odom, 6-5,  225, Wynnewood, Oklahoma