Our government does not really care about international business

A short while ago my attention was grabbed by a story in the daily Tulsa paper that bore the headline: “Crude oil trade with Mexico approved.” The byline credit was to Josh Lederman of the Associated Press.  It also carried a sub-headline of “U.S. energy industry applauds the White House’s decision.”

The gist of the story was that the PRESBO Administration had approved “limited crude oil trading with Mexico.”  It went on to state that the state-run oil company, Pemex, wished to import 100,000 barrels per day of higher quality crude from the United States in trade for an equal volume of their low-quality (read that heavy) crude.  That is the trade that was approved by officials, to be kind, who are at best misguided, but in my mind have no loyalty to our citizens.

At the wellhead here at home, crude oil is purchased at prices that vary according to the API gravity of the crude, with the posted price being for 40-degree crude and at least (used to be) reduced $0.02 per degree less than 40.  Thus, common sense would dictate that a noncash trade would carry a much larger volume from them in trade for the oil delivered from us.

Further, the refineries along the Gulf are more able to process successfully this type of lower-gravity crude.  That is the main purpose for the Keystone XL Pipeline that is proposed from Canada – where crude is lower grade – to the Gulf.  Approval for this has been delayed for more than six years, resulting in the recent announcement that the North Dakota regulatory board was forced to re-open their approval because of the requirement that construction begin within five years of original approval.

Most people alive today were not alive back in the 1930s when the Mexican oil production which was founded and developed by U.S. corporations was stolen by expropriation by the Mexican Government without compensation.  Under their operations, the production has declined and equipment deteriorated.  This action has been copied in later years by a number of other nations, such as Venezuela, to the financial detriment of our stockholders.  If memory serves me correctly, in not one of those “grand thefts” were any actions taken against the stealing nations.

All this makes it clear to me that those in our government officialdom, whether elected, appointed, or employed, carry no personal loyalty to the citizens and their stock holdings in international operating corporations.  It long has been my conviction in that our relations with foreign nations, we should follow an inflexible policy of whatever a nation’s rules toward our citizens will be the way we treat their nationals and corporations.  That seems only fair to me and it offends me that our spineless or treasonous government personnel refuse to put forth any pretense of following such a policy.

Along that line, an e-mail received by me some time ago outlined the Mexican attitude toward any who crossed their borders illegally.  The consequences were somewhat brutal.  And yet the Mexican Government facilitated the crossing of their nation, on their trains, of the tens of thousands of “children” from farther south to invade the United States illegally.  That does not indicate to me any sort of friendship toward us of the Mexican Government personnel.

We desperately need some loyal government personnel in all levels of government here who will place the best interests of our republic and its legal population first in dealings with all other nations of the world.  As always, the ultimate fault lies with the voting population who continue to elect people who fail to have that loyalty and patriotism.  If a person has no information on a candidate, that place on the ballot should be left blank.