Letter to the editor: Outraged over Planned Parenthood

Over the past several months, undercover videos have been released that show officials of Planned Parenthood (PP) discussing selling organs of aborted fetuses (which is a federal crime) and employees of PP discussing babies being born alive and then killed after failed abortions.

PP’s official response has been that  it has committed no crimes, despite the apparent admissions on the videos and PP’s own official apology for the “tone and statements” of and by the officials in the videos.

The president of PP has recently testified before congressional panels. She has done so because PP receives $60 million in federal funding through the National Family-Planning Program. (PP actually receives approximately $650 million of federal funds, which is approximately 41 percent of all of its revenue, but most of that is reimbursements for services through Medicaid.)

The president of PP has acknowledged that PP had excess revenue of $127 million in 2014. PP has tax-exempt status as a “nonprofit” organization.  The president of PP has also acknowledged that PP has spent $40 million of federal funds — approximately $13,000 per day — on travel and parties.

The president of PP has also acknowledged that her annual financial compensation is $520,000. (One U. S. representative’s response to the revelation of this information was simply that the U. S. representative who solicited the information was “beating up on a woman” “for making a good salary.”)

The U. S. House Oversight Committee has released a report that includes additional information.  First, PP gave nearly $22 million to its political-action committee, which contributes to political candidates (nearly all of whom belong to one political party).  Second, PP spent $5 million on travel (or nearly $14,000 per day) and $622,706 on parties in 2013.  Third, more than 40 PP executives had salaries of more than $200,000 each between 2009 and 2013.

The national chairperson of the political party that receives most of PP’s political-action committee’s contributions responded to all of this information by saying that the committee was “wast[ing] taxpayer […] money” by investigating PP’s waste of taxpayer money.

I understand liberals voting for Democrats. I understand that Democrat elected officials are going to support abortion. I understand that pro-abortion politicians are generally going to support Planned Parenthood.

It really seems that this has gone too far, though. How Democrats can still defend Planned Parenthood — and somehow blame Republicans for the organization’s problems — is almost mind-boggling.

The American people – especially the ones who vote for Democrats – need to realize what this is. A self-sufficient nationwide organization receives millions of our dollars and spends millions of dollars on parties, travel, compensation and politics.  It’s time for every one of our elected officials – including the ones who are pro-abortion – to tell Planned Parenthood to stop wasting our money.

If you know someone who has a U. S. representative and/or (a) U. S. senator(s) who is/are Democrat and/or pro-abortion, urge them to contact him/her/them and tell him/her/them to stop giving our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.