Editorial: Overblown charges of racism

The latest liberal cause is to expose rampant racism on college campuses.

A group of minority students and outsiders at The University of Missouri got football players to agree to boycott a game if the college president wasn’t fired. He resigned to avoid a fight.

America is not perfect and there are undoubtedly vestiges of racism sprinkled around the country. But this is an example of political correctness that ignores the truth of the situation and imposes its will with unintended consequences.

The lesson here is that all you have to do is play the race card and people lose their jobs. A sense of right and wrong and justice is lost.

There are people who benefit from stirring up racial strife and they are in the middle of this problem.

College campuses should be open to free discussion and sharing of viewpoints. But liberal administrators and professors instead insist on their own narrow, progressive agendas and that fosters situations like the one at Missouri.

The United States has made great strides – especially in the last 50 years – toward better race relations.

Forcing a college president to quit without just cause is a step backward.